How Are You Managing Your Social Media?

Respage Express is 4Marketshare’s proprietary social media and reputation management dashboard. Respage Express was built for agencies and companies that need to manage multiple campaigns to support multi-location of multi-brand businesses. A flexible user system allows for either centralized or decentralized social media administration.

In addition to allowing you to monitor and respond to comments made on major social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) and WordPress blogs, our tool has quite a few additional features:

Google Alerts and RSS feed integration. Allows for broader reputation monitoring.

Competitor monitoring. Google Alerts and feeds can be set up to monitor competitor reputation.

Content Library. Users can select, edit and post content from our library or set up to automatically post daily from selected content categories. The content library eases the burden of content development and makes it easier for users to post consistently.

Custom Content Library. Customers can enter or upload their own content for exclusive use among their user base or distribute it to the broader Respage user community and receive compensation based on usage. Custom content libraries allow agencies to offer an integrated content solution and lets social media managers create and distribute content for use at the site level.

Scheduled posting. Allows you to schedule one-time and recurring messages to post at a future date.

Email alerts. Set up real time, hourly or daily summaries of social media activity for one or more campaign(s) to be sent via email.

White label. Allows you to add your logo and contact information to the Respage Express dashboard.

Respage Express has been in production for over a year and has been road tested. Along the way, many small improvements have been made to improve and streamline the process of social media management.

The Power of Words

Content can be market-researched, SEO-tested, long, short, plain, technical, generic or specific.

But it has to be clear and compelling.

It has to be good.

Yes, images are helpful, keywords matter and you should always know how to get the most from search engine algorithms. But content makes the reader keep reading. It turns clicks into calls and calls into visits.

4Marketshare's team of writers and editors are a huge part of our success. They can write in your voice, or help find a tone that works for you. According to your needs, they'll draft a piece in an hour or spend half a day on research. They write with clarity, economy, sense of humor, and the time-tested sense of what works.

Our writers go beyond the who, what, where and why to paint a picture of your business. Then they leave space for you to step in and create a relationship.

Want to know more about how 4Marketshare can help you? Ask us.

Test Drive 4Marketshare Express for Free

4Marketshare Express, our self-service social media management tool, is made to help professionals like you save time and expand your online reach.

For just $39 per month, you get the keys to our powerful social media management system. You can post to multiple sites, manage your reputation, check analytics and see competitor analysis, all from a single screen.

Right now we’re offering a free 30-day trial for new customers. Why not take a one-month, no obligation test drive and see how 4Marketshare Express can energize your social media campaign?

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